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About LifeCare Solutions
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LifeCare Solutions is a leading provider of quality, integrated home healthcare products and services. Our comprehensive line of services includes:

• Respiratory therapy
• Oxygen therapy
• Sleep apnea products
• Respiratory medications
• Nutritional products, including enteral and parenteral nutrition
• Infusion therapy
• Specialty pharmacy
• Home medical equipment
• Medical supplies

As a comprehensive provider of homecare, we are able to simplify the referral process for our referral sources (one phone call) and the care for our patients (one home care company). Our patient services teams, working together to deliver consistent quality homecare to our patients, include our highly skilled clinicians (respiratory therapists, dietitians, pharmacists and nurses), patient service technicians and customer service representatives. Our desire is to provide exceptional customer and patient services! At LifeCare Solutions we have “a passion for reliability and “being easy to do business with!”  We have the very highest standards for quality and we are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare, Inc.

LifeCare Solutions operates 24 branch locations in California and Washington and employs over 750 clinicians, technicians and support personnel to service our patient population.  LifeCare Solutions is a part of the Preferred Homecare organization, which provides homecare services in 9 states from over 40 service locations.  Our executive and regional management teams have extensive experience in the homecare industry.  We take our commitment to patient care very seriously always striving to provide excellent care and service through our commitment to “Reliability and Being Easy To Do Business With”.